Varicose VeinsVeins and capillaries can sometimes appear close to the skin surface and can range from mild to unsightly. These vary in size, shape, and number, and may arise from a variety of natural sources such as aging, genetics, or from the environment such with sun-damaged skin. Laser treatment is a commonly sought after cosmetic procedure that treats visible spider veins using non-invasive techniques for effective and long lasting results.

Dr. Lisa Bunin, M.D. and her team of experts use the most sophisticated Spectrum Laser technology available today to treat spider veins and other vascular discolorations. Get started on your treatment today and be ready to show off your beautiful legs!

Benefits of Spectrum Laser Treatment

  • The device features a scientifically proven wavelength for veins and capillaries.
  • Treatment settings can be easily adjusted to customize treatment to your specific needs, even if you have darker skin.
  • The cooling tip improves safety and comfort during treatment.
  • The pressure tip pushes regular blood away from the area so only the damaged vein is treated.

About the Procedure

The Spectrum Laser works by delivering powerful laser light pulses into the hemoglobin within the targeted vessel.  The energy precisely targets the vessels under the surface of the skin and ablates or shrinks the vessel so it is no longer visible.  Because the Spectrum Laser targets vessels, the surrounding tissue remains undamaged. Treatment comfort will vary depending on procedure, and personal tolerances; however, the Spectrum Laser was designed to maximize your comfort during treatment.

  • Leg Veins: Leg Veins are unsightly groups of veins close to the surface of the skin, they can be caused by the backup of blood, hormone changes, exposure to the sun, and injuries. Often referred to as spider veins, they are red or blue and can look like tree branches or spider webs with their short, jagged lines. They can cover a very small or very large area of skin. When treating leg veins a laser beam travels through the skin and is absorbed by the oxyhemoglobin in the blood. When the energy is absorbed it collapses the unwanted vein. Because the underlying cause of the leg vein may not be addressed with laser treatment, leg veins may return in the treated area or surrounding areas.
  • Vascular Lesions: Vascular lesions are numerous or large vessels that form directly underneath the skin, usually resulting in a red appearance in the skin. These lesions occur in many sizes, shapes and forms all over the body including broken capillaries, hemangiomas, and cherry angiomas. Treatment of vascular lesions with the Spectrum Laser can dramatically reduce or even completely diminish the red appearance.

Number of Treatments Needed

Results may begin to be seen in 1 treatment session, but generally 3 or more sessions are required for optimal results.

Aftercare and Recovery

Most patients experience a slight warming of the skin and a light prickly feeling. With no downtime and minimal side effects, you may immediately return to your daily activities. Over-the-counter pain medication may be taken if there is any discomfort. More intensive procedures have longer downtimes of 5-7 days. Healing times can vary and depend on several factors, such as location, and size of the area treated.

The practice of Dr. Lisa S. Bunin is located in Allentown, PA and provides a variety of services to patients from Bethlehem, Lehighton, Strousburg, Washington, Souderton, Warrington, Clinton and others. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Bunin to discuss Spectrum Laser treatment for Spider Veins or Vascular Lesions call 610/435-5333.