The Practice of Dr. Lisa S. Bunin

Dr. Lisa Bunin offers a wide range of medical ophthalmic procedures, along with routine eye care, to patients. As a pioneer of many cosmetic techniques in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania for over twenty-five years, Dr. Bunin provides her patients with a matchless expertise in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures.

Custom Cataract Surgery

Read What Our Patients Have to Say About Dr. Lisa Bunin

Before attending one of Dr. Bunin’s open houses, I was apprehensive about getting an injection to reverse the signs of aging. She made me understand the chronological process of an aging face. She set my fears of looking frozen to the rest with her expertise and years in the business. Since the open house, I have gone on a wonderful skin care regiment called Obagi. I have also received some injections by making my body produce my own collagen. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone but Dr. Bunin.

Pam T Facebook, Your Content Goes Here

I highly recommend Dr Bunin. I have been a patient for a few years now. Right away, she was able to diagnose and treat my eye problems. I recently had cataract and corrective eye surgery. I am amazed at the results. I can see crystal clear immediately after surgery.
The staff at her office are very organized and knowledgeable.
She is a skilled, professional and generous doctor that has profoundly changed my life for the better.
Belinda S. Facebook, Your Content Goes Here
I want to let people know if they want an excellent Doctor for cataract surgery, RUN, don’t walk, to Dr. Bunin’s office! Her patience, knowledge, caring and professionalism was evident every step of the process! She took the time to help restore my vision while working with my difficult parameters ( I had LASIK surgery previously.)
Never have I had a doctor take so much time and concern as well as utilize her skill and expertise to provide me fantastic results! Her staff also was just as kind, skilled and efficient in every detail.
Thank you to Dr. Bunin and her staff!!
From Cataract Patient, Erin Y. Facebook Review, Your Content Goes Here

I had a growth removed and everyone was so nice. I felt very relaxed I was scared before I went in but they made me feel great. The surgery was quick and painless. Thank you so much. I now have a new doctor

Kathy W., Facebook Review, Your Content Goes Here
I think very highly of her skills and as a person!! I never got treated likes number also like a person and that is very rare now a days in a Doctor!!!!
Thank You
I highly recommend her, and do tell my friends.
Jackie R., Facebook Review, Your Content Goes Here

Very grateful for Dr. Bunin and her wonderful staff. My son had some debris in his eye, they squeezed us in her busy schedule, were able to remove it quickly and he instantly felt better. They are very welcoming and helpful, much better than the mega-practices in the area. Thanks much Dr. Bunin!

Rachael W., Facebook Review, Your Content Goes Here
I will continue to be a repeat client at this office. Everyone is so friendly and informative. Dr. Lisa Bunin and her team are current in their area of expertise. I am so pleased with my results. The amazing procedures help me feel confidant about my appearance and in turn I am a happier person.
Susan S., Facebook Review, Your Content Goes Here

Everyone in this office is very friendly, accommodating, and helpful. I’ve recommended this practice to many people and they were satisfied as well. Keep up the good work!

JoAnn N., Facebook Review, Your Content Goes Here

Before & After Photos

earlobe repair
Torn Earlobe Repair

This lady only wanted the large rip fixed, and Dr. Bunin did that in the office. Two months later, she is “amazed at how quickly and beautifully it healed!” Now she wants the other rip repaired!

Ptosis, Droopy Eyelid & Blepharoplasty

Before and two months after upper eyelid ptosis (droopy lid) and Blepharoplasty (baggy eyelid) surgery.

lips b_A

RHA to Fill the Lines Around Her Mouth

Dr. Bunin explained that she had loss of fat and of bone, causing the deflation and elongation of the distance between the nose and upper lip, as well as the recession of the chin.  Dr. Bunin used RHA to fill the fine lines around the lips, to fill the area between the lower lip and chin on both sides, and to even out and balance the whole area.
An Entropion is a condition where the eyelid margin turns inward, causing the eyelashes to rub on the cornea and conjunctiva.  This causes irritation, burning, tearing, blurred vision, mucoid discharge, and can cause infections and even a corneal ulcer.  It is caused by aging changes and laxity of the lower eyelid tendons, allowing the circular muscles around the eye (the orbicularis) to bunch up and override each other, causing the eyelid to turn inwards. Read More.

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty – Before and 3 weeks after.  A “lid lift” is surgery to remove excess skin and fatty tissue from the upper or lower eyelids. The goal of blepharoplasty is to gently remove the excess skin and bags. Read More

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Custom Cataract Surgery

Custom Cataract Surgery Can Enhance Your Life

Today, cataract surgery is an opportunity for improved vision and a decrease in dependence on glasses! Intraocular lens technology has taken a giant leap forward.  Customizing the type of upgraded lens and procedure to your eye and your visual needs is called CUSTOM CATARACT SURGERY.

Cataract Lens Replacement Surgery

 Cataract Lens Replacement Surgery

Lens Replacement for Cataracts – Which Choice is Right for You? Cataract lens replacement surgery now offers you a superior quality of vision. Cataract Surgery has undergone tremendous technological advances since the days of your parents and grandparents. Read More

Aging Eyes

Aging Eyes

Eyesight is one of our most valuable senses. As we age, problems can arise with our vision, that not only impact quality of life, but also safety and independence. The first thing that most people notice as they age is that their arms become too short! Read More+

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