Laser Skin Resurfacing: Silk Touch Laser

In the experienced hands of Dr. Lisa Bunin, the silk touch laser rejuvenates the skin of the face and helps combat the effects of aging. Not only can the laser be used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, on and around the lips, and across the cheeks, but it can soften deep frown lines and laugh lines as well as minimize scarring due to acne or surgery. Laser skin resurfacing benefits aren’t limited to the improvement of skin texture alone. The procedure can also be used to remove age spots and to improve other pigmentation problems.

Specialized computer technology allows Dr. Bunin to use the silk touch laser like an artist’s brush, tailoring the skin resurfacing procedure to your individual needs. The surface of the skin can be refreshed, revealing the new skin underneath and stimulating a renewal of the skin’s collagen for a softer, silkier and smoother appearance.

Even delicate skin on the lips and around the eyes can be treated by the silk touch laser, safely, without bleeding. In fact, resurfacing of the entire face may delay the need for a comprehensive, invasive facelift.

Laser Resurfacing Patient Before | Before and After Photos | Dr. Lisa Bunin

Before invisible lower eyelid bag removal surgery and laser resurfacing of lower eyelid skin.

Laser Resurfacing Patient After Lower Eyelid Surgery | Before Laser Resurfacing | Dr. Lisa Bunin

Eight days after invisible lower eyelid bag removal surgery with laser resurfacing.

Laser Resurfacing Patient After Lower Eyelid Surgery | After Laser Resurfacing | Dr. Lisa Bunin

Six weeks after invisible lower eyelid surgery and laser resurfacing of lower eyelid skin.

How is Laser Skin Resurfacing Different from a Facelift?

A facelift is an invasive surgical procedure that goes beneath the skin. A facelift involves cutting through skin, muscle, and other tissues, almost down to the bone. The tissues are then pulled to tighten them, and the excess is cut off. Then the remaining tissue is sewn closed. Risks of a facelift can include nerve damage and paralysis, and a too-tight plasticized look. A facelift cannot remove wrinkles; the skin is merely stretched out when the muscles are moved.

Laser resurfacing, on the other hand, is non-invasive, and involves removing only the aged damaged outer layers of skin, without the underlying tissues. There is no cutting or sewing, and no risk of nerve paralysis. A very natural, younger look is obtained.

If a patient has significant muscle laxity requiring a facelift, laser resurfacing can be done in conjunction with the facelift to minimize the amount of tissue removed and to give a much better, younger looking result. But because the laser smoothes out the skin so well, many patients who would have chosen a facelift for sagging wrinkled skin, only use the laser.

What is the Recovery Time for Laser Skin Resurfacing?

Skin treated by a silk touch laser heals in four to six days, after which cosmetics can be applied. The initial redness fades in a few weeks to light pink, and usually disappears completely in a few months. It’s important to use sunscreen and avoid sun exposure for several months, as this can cause changes in pigmentation.

Laser Skin Resurfacing with Blepharoplasty

As an ophthalmic plastic surgeon, Dr. Bunin is uniquely trained to treat the bags around the eyes. Using the no-stitch, no-scar invisible blepharoplasty technique, she can safely remove fat bags of the lower eyelid from the inside. Using this technique as opposed to other eyelid surgery methods, patients can avoid having a scar and practically eliminate the risk of a rounded or contracted eyelid afterwards. Eyelid surgery can be done at the same time as laser skin resurfacing, shortening the healing time and offering superior results.

If the upper eyelids are droopy and interfering with your peripheral vision, then eyelid surgery may be covered by insurance. Lower eyelids that pull away from the eye, or that don’t close all the way, may be partially covered by insurance. However, fat bag removal and laser wrinkle removal is not covered. However, Dr. Bunin will take the time to evaluate and to discuss every patient’s needs and options before setting a course of treatment.

Individualized Laser Skin Resurfacing

Whether patients want to combat the aging effects of the sun or maintain a youthful appearance without major cosmetic surgery, the silk touch technique offers immediate results which improve over time.

For every patient, Dr. Bunin takes the time to discuss medical history, skin type, and desired results. Patients should make Dr. Bunin aware if they have had any viral infections, sun sensitivity, Accutane use within the past year, problems with healing, or prior chemical peels or microdermabrasions.

Wrinkle creams and cosmetics only touch the surface layer of skin. However, Dr. Bunin can safely turn back the clock for patients without major surgery and using laser skin resurfacing with the silk touch laser instead.