Dermal Fillers

What Are Facial Fillers and Injectables?

Dermal fillers can be confusing since there are quite a few now available to choose from.  The information below should help you to understand the difference between Botox® Cosmetic and Dysport® as compared to dermal fillers such as Radiesse®, Juvéderm®, Restylane®, and Restylane® Lyft. Also, keep in mind, Dr. Lisa Bunin is an expert in dermal filler injections and can help you choose just the right ones to reach your goal.

Dermal Fillers

A facial filler or dermal filler is used to instantly fill and plump the skin making it smooth and wrinkle free. While the results are not permanent, they are among the most significant of treatments to regain a youthful appearance without having to undergo surgery.

Fillers are most commonly used to add volume  in around the mouth area, the lines that run straight downwards from the corners of the mouth often referred to as marionette lines. Dr. Bunin also recommends fillers for facial contouring as indicated in the illustration to the left.


To learn more about facial fillers and injectables offered by Dr. Bunin and her staff, click on the links below:

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Experience the Difference

As the landscape of injectable options expand and grow, injection techniques also continue to evolve. The key to a beautiful, natural-looking facial improvement is choosing a qualified expert injector. A good injector will consider the overall shape of each individual patient’s face and aim to provide balance and harmony using fillers and neurotoxins.

Dr. Lisa S. Bunin welcomes you to experience the difference.  There is a common misconception that cosmetic injections are safe and easy to administer.  The skill level and extensive training of the injector is vital to your outcome.  For the safest & most effective results, it’s important to understand that not all injectors are created equal.  Careful thought should be taken into consideration when selecting your cosmetic injector. Dr. Bunin is an expert in all facial injectables and teaches other doctors on correct injectable techniques.


For more information about injectables you can refer to this guide by the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery +