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Permanent Makeup Before and After Photos


Lisa Bunin’s expert Certified Permanent Makeup technician and licensed Medical Aesthetician has extensive knowledge in color analysis and the unique ability of determining skin types and undertones for optimal results.  Learn more+

Permanent Eyebrows

Permanent eyebrows are the most popular procedure because most women begin to loose their brow hair in their thirties and sometimes younger. They can be extremely time consuming to draw on everyday and even more difficult to make symmetrical. A thin needle is used which creates a perfect stroke or line that a waxy pencil cannot achieve. If a person does have some of their own brow hair it will fall on top of the pigmented area and appear very natural. An arch can be added for a unique look or simple shading for a fuller and more finished brow. Learn more+

Permanent Eyebrows Patient Video Testimonial

She had them done before elsewhere, but was not happy.


Permanent eyeliner and eyebrows.


Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Permanent eyebrows and lip liner.

Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Beauty Marks & Camo Scars

Dr. Bunin’s expert aesthetician can darken a natural beauty mark or create an entirely new one to give a patient the authentic “Marilyn Monroe” signature look. Amplify a faded beauty mark from your youth or give yourself a sexy signature look. Learn more+

Scar Cover

Beauty mark.


Beauty mark.


Beauty mark.

Permanent Eyeliner

Permanent Eyeliner is perfect for people who have sparse to no lashes to enhance the eye with a thin line (lash enhancement). It also makes the eye color more vivid and provides a more youthful appearance whether swimming or simply waking up in the morning. It is wonderful for those who suffer from allergies, as the eyeliner will never smear. Learn more+

Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Permanent eyebrows and eyeliner.

Permanent eyebrows.

Permanent Lip Liner and Fill

A soft liner on the outside of the lips accents lips to make them appear fuller while full lip shading will provide the appearance of a permanent lipstick (natural and bold colors are available). Learn more+

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To schedule an appointment, or for more information about Permanent Makeup, please call 610/435-5333.