The Ultimate Skin Transformation

Lisa Bunin Logo | Allentown PADr. Bunin’s privately labeled medical skin care products are part of a pharmaceutical skin care line developed for your specific skin care needs. These are more than just individual skin care products that smell nice and feel good. These are medical grade products and are part of a skin transformation system designed to return your skin to its correct balance and that of a more youthful state. All of the Dr. Lisa Bunin Private Label Skin Care Products are selected and tested for purity and effectiveness.

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Dr. Bunin and her staff will design a personalized medical skin care program to improve your skin’s health and appearance. This is a comprehensive medical skin care program which includes products that restore normal skin function at the cellular level, making skin clear and smooth with an even color and texture. The products work together to enhance each other’s effects. Following this program will begin the process of correcting your skin’s changes and stimulating the production of healthier, younger-type skin. If you continue to follow this program correctly and regularly, you will enjoy a lifetime of healthy skin.

The transformation system includes three important categories:
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  • Cleanse
  • Correct
  • Protect



Woman with Clear Skin | Dr. Lisa Buin Private Label skin Care | Allentown PA

Proper cleansing of the skin is where the program begins. All impurities must be removed to allow for full penetration of the other products. The Lisa Bunin Cleanser removes impurities, makeup, excess oil, and dead skin cells without irritating or altering the normal skin function.

The Lisa Bunin Toner enhances the action of the cleanser, removes any remaining bacteria in the pores and balances the skin to a normal pH level. This greatly enhances the overall efficacy of other products in the transformation system.


Fortified with 4% Hydroquinone, the Lisa Bunin Skin Lightener suppresses pigmented melanocytes by reducing melanin production, resulting in even skin tone.

The Lisa Bunin Exfoliator contains Alpha-hydroxy acids which promote cellular exfoliation of the top layers of skin, increasing overall smoothness and reducing pore size.

The Lisa Bunin Balancer Rx is made of a special formulation of hydroquinon, alpha hydroxy acids, and saponins. When used in conjunction with prescription strength Tretinoin, these ingredients work to restore keratinocytes, the cells responsible for protecting skin from UV damage, heat, and water loss, to a normal skin cycle. The resulting effect are improved skin function, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, improved elasticity, and restoration of natural hydration.


Lisa Bunin Sunscreen SPF 55 is the final product of the skin care formula transformation, offers UVA and UVB protection to limit the harmful effects of the sun.