RHA Facial Fillers

RHA Facial Fillers Before & AfterThis patient was concerned with the lines around her mouth and felt she had a tired look. She also had almost no lips.  She wanted a “pick me up” but was afraid of being “overdone” or having “duck lips”.

Dr. Bunin explained that she had loss of fat and bone, with flattening of the anterior cheek and elongation of the lower eyelid, and that by putting a little filler in the anterior cheek she would be more in balance and it would help lift the corners of the mouth so less filler was needed in that area. In addition, adding a very small amount of filler to her upper lip especially would give more balance and proportion.
Dr. Bunin used a combination of RHA fillers to do a very limited, conservative treatment to her anterior cheek in the malar split, fill the oral commissures and marionette lines, and a mild fill and shaping of the lip.  This provided a very natural looking, balanced result, with improvement of the undereye area, cheek, mouth and chin.



This patient was concerned with the lines around the corners of her mouth and the shadows around her mouth and chin area, and  the small lines above her lip.  Dr. Bunin explained that this was caused by loss of volume and loss of bone, and replaced the lost volume using a combination of RHA fillers.
The after photo is immediately after filling the fine lip lines, evening out the lip, filling the marionette lines, corners of the mouth, and the chin area.
Afterwards she looks much younger, rested, and very natural with perfect proportions and balance.  She was thrilled!!

This young woman felt that her upper lip was too thin and wanted a little larger lip overall. Dr. Bunin used RHA 3 to give more volume to her upper lip and a little to her lower lip and give more balance overall.
She was very happy!!  After loving the new look for awhile, she decided to enhance her lips a bit more and so Dr. Bunin added more volume in proportion to her lips and face, and she was thrilled!!
This is a very common scenario– we start with some very natural looking enhancement, and do it in stages.  Most patients, worried about being “overdone” start with less enhancement, and eventually want a little more.  We aim for natural, balanced, and in proportion.

RHA Fillers before and afterPatient  was bothered by the lines around her mouth and felt they made her look older and angry.

Dr. Bunin filled her marionette lines (from the corners of the mouth to the chin), gave some volume to her chin and under the lower lip to give more balance and proportion to her face, and balanced out her lips.
The overall effect is one of harmony, balance and proportion, which is important for beauty.
She was very happy!!





RHA Facial Fillers before and afterThis patient was bothered by some dark circles.  Dr. Bunin noticed that she had a very flattened anterior cheek and elongation of the lower eyelid.  Instead of surgery, she suggested filling the anterior cheek to push up the lower lid, giving her a brighter look and a more pleasing facial proportion.  This helped her to look brighter, prettier, and younger, and she was thrilled!



RHA Facial Fillers Before and AfterRHA Facial Fillers before and after
This woman complained that her brows were so heavy and weighed down her eyelids so that it was hard to keep her eyes open, especially at the end of the day.  She didn’t want surgery, and was afraid to change too much.
D. Bunin used some RHA filler to elevate the lateral eyebrow slightly, lifting some of the weight off and opening up her eyes more.  The results are subtle but significant  and improved her side vision!

Patient was bothered by the lines around her mouth and lips.  Dr. Bunin explained that she had loss of fat and of bone, causing the deflation and elongation of the distance between the nose and upper lip, as well as the recession of the chin.  This caused the shadows and lines.
Dr. Bunin used RHA to fill the fine lines around the lips, to fill the area between the lower lip and chin on both sides, and to even out and balance the whole area.  Filling around the lip actually made the lips look more full without filling the lips!
The after photo is immediately after filling in the  office. The red areas are where extra massage was done.
Dr. Bunin uses a special numbing cream and uses advanced techniques to lessen the chance of bruising.