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What is Presbyopia?

As you age, your eye lenses begin showing signs of wear and tear. One of the first signs of change in the eyes occurs as early as age 40, and that is presbyopia. This condition causes the eye to lose its elasticity, making it difficult for the eye to focus on nearby objects. Presbyopia is not a disease but just a natural part of getting older.

Symptoms of Presbyopia

Have you ever noticed someone holding a menu at arms length while straining to read it? Chances are, they have presbyopia. The most common indication comes from trying to read material at a normal distance. The fonts and words are no longer clear, but blurry. You may discover eyestrain or headaches after reading or doing close work. Photos are no longer sharp and clear and even hard to recognize details. Symptoms may become worse when you are tired, have had alcohol or are in an area with dim lighting.

Optical Exam

Only an eye doctor can confirm for sure. If lack of close-up vision is keeping you from enjoying normal activities, make an appointment at Dr. Lisa Bunin’s office. There are many more options on treating presbyopia today and they will help you in determining what treatment would be best for you.